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VATSIM Supervisors
« on: February 23, 2017, 12:23:26 am »
This post is designed to provide members with a variety of information regarding VATSIM Supervisors.

What is a VATSIM Supervisor?

VATSIM Supervisors are volunteers who use their experience and knowledge of VATSIM to help pilots and controllers enjoy the network by answering questions, providing technical support, and enforcing the VATSIM Code of Conduct and other global policies.

How do I request assistance from a VATSIM Supervisor while connected to the network?

You may request assistance from a VATSIM Supervisor by typing [dot]wallop [your message] into your pilot/controller clients text box.

What should I include within my "WALLOP" request?

Oftentimes, the way a request for assistance is phrased will or will not provide a Supervisor with enough information to start working on a request for assistance directly, as opposed to asking additional questions to the pilot/controller submitting the request. This is all-the-more important when the Supervisors are already busy, handling multiple cases, and it can make the difference between getting your request for assistance worked on quickly or not. A request for assistance should, when possible, indicate enough information to allow the Supervisor to start to understand the issue and the urgency of the request.

Good Examples:
  • .wallop ABC123 is in my airspace not contacting ATC, and not responding to multiple requests for contact. First contact me was sent at 0000z. No immediate conflict.
  • .wallop ABC123 is using rude and vulgar language on frequency. Need assistance ASAP.
  • .wallop I need help with someone who has an open microphone on frequency.
  • .wallop Hello, I need some assistance configuring my vPilot.

Bad Examples:
  • .wallop Help
  • .wallop Need a SUP
  • .wallop Hello, please respond.

The more information you can give, in many cases, the faster the Supervisor can start working on helping you.

As a controller, will a VATSIM Supervisor remove someone from the network for me upon request?

No, Supervisors are not a network security force, and they are not here to remove someone from the network at a controllers desire.

Requesting assistance from a Supervisor and subsequently telling them to "kick" someone from the network will not result in an instant removal from the network, unless it is the appropriate course of action. The majority of VATSIM Supervisors will remove members from the network as a last resort and will instead offer the member every resource available in an effort to explain, one, what the issue they may have caused and, two, how to avoid the situation in the future.

How do I get in contact with a VATSIM Supervisor while offline?

You may find yourself in a situation where you have a question, complaint, concern, report, etc, which you would like to express while offline from the network. Or, perhaps you wanted to request assistance while on the network but there were no Supervisors online at the time. To contact to the Supervisor department and open a request ticket, you may email [email protected]

How do I become a VATSIM Supervisor?

VATSIM is always looking for mature, engaging and level-headed individuals who have the time and enthusiasm to give back to the network in this crucial role. VATSIM Supervisors are ambassadors of the network and the first port of call for new and seasoned members who have questions or are experiencing a problem. There is no material reward or prestige associated with this role: the reward comes in the form of knowing that you have helped a fellow member enhance their enjoyment of the network. That's all there is to it.

VATSIM Supervisors are appointed year-round on a when-required basis. Applicants available and most active within 0300z - 1000z and 0800z - 1700z are the most desired candidates.

For information on the requirements to become a VATSIM Supervisor and the application process, please see this post.

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