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The NUcleophilicity is Infectious...and Electric!
« on: December 13, 2018, 10:02:16 am »
Yes, I did just pun controlling initials on a chemistry word to celebrate that Josh Nunn (NU) is our newest Center controller! And in case you're wondering what nucleophilicity means, thefreedictionary.com provides the helpful definition as:
"The quality of being nucleophilic"

And just in case THAT doesn't clear it up, it's a chemistry term that talks about an affinity to positive charge. And it's very much applicable to a person who exemplifies the positive, energetic attitude we hope for in all our ATC students. Bringing hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm to training sessions -- and the network -- is a great way to approach ATC online, and life.

Each training accomplishment should be recognized, but the promotion to C1 is a particularly special achievement for what it represents. Although training is never truly done, and Josh is currently authorized to work during "off-peak" periods of traffic only, the privilege of working Center on the network really is reserved for the best students we see. It's a large airspace, and a LOT of responsibility (right NWR?).   

While we pride ourselves on moving controllers through our training program quickly, the student's individual involvement, dedication, and passion for ATC is what really drives them through the training process. To that end, it's incredible to think that Josh began his training on February 20, 2018 with Mentor Andrew Miller, and completed his S1 OTS on Class C Ground 3 sessions later on March 13, 2018. Yesterday, nine months less a day later, we approved his C1 (Center) rating. You two could have had a baby together by now...well, maybe not quite.

In addition, and in what is probably record-setting, it took Josh less than 3 months to get from the first radar rating (S3 on September 16) to his C1. All of this is particularly impressive given that Josh comes to us without a background in real-world flying.

When we certify a new Center controller, I always like to take the time to review the student's training record and see what our Training Staff has had to say over the years (or, in Josh's case, months). I think you'll identify the theme pretty quickly:

Quote from: GD, during Josh's Class C Tower training
Overall, I was very impressed with Josh's performance for his first time in the 'box as a tower controller. Not only was he well prepared on the knowledge side, but we he was able to apply that information to practical situations in a timely and efficient manner.

Quote from: HI, during Josh's Class B Tower Off-Peak training
He came very prepared, had fantastic phraseology and did an impressive job moving aircraft. NU had a very good flow on his frequency with little idle time and honestly this session was more in line with what I'd expect from someone who was going for on peak BOS ATCT.

Quote from: LE, during Josh's Class B Approach  Off-Peak training
Student's understanding developed well throughout the session. Voice on frequency and control were confident. Great scanning of airspace and maintaining separation at all times. Good handoffs and coordination with other controllers. Ready to move on.

Quote from: HI, during Josh's Class B Approach On-Peak training
A90 OTS in the 22/27 configuration. NU did a fantastic job working all kinds of traffic, including a KAP diversion to GHG."

Quote from: RT, during Josh's Center training
Josh is sounding very good and is continuing to develop the skills required for an Off-Peak CTR authorization. Scratchpads are maintained, datablocks are tidy, and handoffs and airspace/LOA knowledge are on point. Excellent frequency presence; for someone who doesn't fly IRL, Josh has really picked up on the mannerisms and phrases we hear from the FAA. Also: thank you for pronouncing Bangor correctly. I'd hate to have to play the music video for you again...

Josh, congratulations on your Center certification, welcome to the biggest of the big leagues. We trust you will enjoy your newest license to learn, and VATSIM's pilot community will appreciate the additional coverage we're now able to provide. And I'll start working with my therapist on preparing myself to hear you say "your control, NU" when I want to slide in under you on position.
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Re: The NUcleophilicity is Infectious...and Electric!
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2018, 10:57:56 am »
Great job NU! In addition to your excellent work on the network, you are truly an outstanding member of our community. I remember the first time logging in as a brand new S1 you welcomed me to BVA and introduced me to the other members in Team Speak, a simple act that made a great first impression on me. Keep up the great work!  :D


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Re: The NUcleophilicity is Infectious...and Electric!
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2018, 01:22:59 pm »
D’awww.. thanks for the nice post  ;D

Also, you get an A+ for the organic chemistry jokes. I feel like I’m more of an electrophile, but I never turn down an opportunity to give my lone pair to a vacant orbital.

Seriously though, becoming a part of this community was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Big thanks to the training staff for all the hours of my stubbornness you’ve dealt with. And to all the pilot members who bring us the consistent traffic. See you all around!
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Re: The NUcleophilicity is Infectious...and Electric!
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2018, 05:33:42 pm »
Wow... makes me want to get my C1  $)

Congrats NU! It has always been a pleasure controlling with you, and having you as my student really just amplified what RT said above. Continue your commitment to excellence and I know it will take you far.

Good luck and have fun!

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Re: The NUcleophilicity is Infectious...and Electric!
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2018, 05:40:26 pm »
Congrats, NU!  NUthin' better!  Well, until you become an Instructor, that is.  Then you can help NUbies become as proficient and accomplished as you are.  :)  Seriously, congrats!
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