Flai Models
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:44:37 pm »
I have not see the flai models for older aircraft like the concorde or other liveries for the 737 I still a lot of default crj-700 which is my default in Vpilot. 
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Evan Reiter

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Re: Flai Models
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Unfortunately, there is not a model available for us to use for the Concorde. If you happen to know of any freeware, low poly models, please let us know so we can consider them for addition.

Similarly, if there are liveries that are no longer in use, these will not be available. However, you should see a white or default Boeing 737 instead of the CRJ-700.

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Don Desfosse

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Re: Flai Models
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Also, just checking, if you're concerned about the number of non-liveried aircraft, did you try the steps in the installation guide to troubleshoot?  http://flaicdn.bvartcc.com/version/FLAi_vPilot_Post_Installation_Guide.pdf
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