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Activating Scenery Libraries with Windows 7 or 8
« on: November 23, 2009, 08:31:21 pm »
This NOTAM applies to those users who are installing scenery updates that require activation (such as the latest version of our KBOS Enhancement) with Windows 7 or 8. It does not apply to users attempting to add scenery .BGL files to the "Addon Scenery/scenery" location, nor does it apply to XP or Vista users.

The normal process for activating a new scenery library within FSX (that is, going to the Scenery Library, locating the folder from "Addon Scenery", and attempting to add it to the list) does not work with Windows 7 or 8. Instead, clicking "OK" after selecting the folder containing the scenery simply opens that folder, and fails to add the new area to the Scenery Library.

In order to activate a scenery using Windows 7, navigate to the Scenery Library within FSX. Click on the "Add area" button and then locate the folder that contains the scenery you'd like to add (these are normally (but not always) placed in the "Addon Scenery" sub-directory of your main FSX folder). Select the folder containing the scenery by clicking on it ONCE. Then click "OK" (this will open that folder). Right-click (there's a bit of technique to it, but give it a few tries... it seems a bit of a forceful right-click helps) inside the empty area just below the sub-folders. This should select the correct directory, and create the new scenery library at the top of the scenery list.
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