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Hi Don. No I did not move them believed that installer would do now when I bring up FSX to Load it shows (SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Scenery\World\SCENERY) in scenery Area.001 not found. Click ok to continue.
I am out of my depth here, I have tried to get rid of this to no avail....I have deleted all files on RNAV up date that I could find, I have tried to install it in Scenery Scenery file like you explained it to me and no joy...
Wow what do I do now....
Thanks a lot for your patience   Claude

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HI Don. I have found a way to get rid of it and it was simple to do. Found it on You Tube  !!!!!!!
Type in seach...... How to fix the 1-80004005 Error Code For Fsx.
The video is easy to follow
THANKS   Claude


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Ah, excellent Claude!
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