Event timing
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Hi guys,

Im from belgium and the time diference is around 5 hours and a half between me and boston. Im still going to shool and thats a problem.

Can some events maybe be organized for europeen people. What do i mean whit this. That the events just can be organized at friday, saturday or sunday. And also the time of the event maybe around 12,13,14 or 15 a'clock (boston time). :?:

If this can be done sometimes it will be posible for me and other europeen people to join the events more and more. :idea:
THX for listening

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I dont mean to make Americans sound more important than the Europeans, but 12-15 o'clock boston time is school/work for most of the US. I dont think that would be the correct solution.
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Re: Event timing
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ya but if it is on a satertday or sunday than you are at home i think



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Of course it would depend a lot on our good hearted controllers and admin. but i have friends on the West Coast that would love to join but can't.I would guess that our East Coast members would also jump at the opportunity to fly at that time.The sessions would have to be on the week ends.

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We do have an occasional event on Sunday.  This is not an official statement so don't quote me on it| but I believe there are talks about possibly changing up the dates and times of some of our regular events.
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Re: Event timing
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i hope it changes.

But  if they change it more people of europe will join boston virtual. :!: